Art: Convulsive Beauty

Modern Art in Europe from Expressionism to Now

  • Berlin and Prague

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The heroic work of artists over the sweep of history and still today is alive in Berlin and Prague like nowhere in the world. Why? Because the stakes of Art have been so high in these tortured but still gorgeous cities for over a century, and the battle lines of beauty are still sharply drawn now. Our course will bring the scope of Art into clear focus in both cities. We will explore what the Bauhaus Archive reveals about Germany in the perilous years as the Nazis were coming to power. Then we will explore museums and galleries alike, to meet face-to-face the amazing collections of art treasures that call this city home. While we also take to the streets to explore the astonishing richness of outsider art, public art and body art that make this city positively brim with creativity. As we continue in Prague, our focus will turn to the era of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. As we look at how Art was used as a powerful expression of resistance to Communism in the 20th century and how it shapes every aspect of public life today in glorious Prague. Dr. Kaylee Spencer teaches this course together with Brett Kallusky.

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