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Class Meets 9:30-2:00: T,W,R,F,S

Business : Start-Up Station

Sustainability and Emerging-Market Entrepreneurship in the EU Today

  • Berlin and Prague

Course Details

Preferred majors: Marketing, entrepreneurship, management, finance, accountancy, general business The founder culture we find in the US is not the only way to drive innovation and build a new business. (It's just the model we know best and learn about most in our own country.) Our course will take you into the heart of how EU business ideation and innovation are driven, as we focus together on business start-up strategies related to emerging-market and sustainability entrepreneurship. In Start-Up Station, you'll meet entrepreneurship head on and learn in real time what has worked and failed. From Berlin's gritty Kreuzberg to the verdant hillsides of Prague's Vinohrady, prepare to meet the VC titans and team-building maestros who have brought companies like Tier Mobility, Tyles and Enpal to massive global relevance. As you learn from them about the dynamic start-up ecosystems they've built not just in Germany and the Czech Republic but all over the EU, you'll also explore what it takes to hone your own entrepreneurial mindset. Then Start-Up Station will launch you on your own entrepreneurial path. Together with a small team, you'll ideate together toward a new business opportunity and consider how and why the world will be a better place because of your contribution.

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416 Laurel Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

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