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Hist: Garden of the Beasts WW2/Holocaust

Berlin/Prague with Dr. Doug Mackaman

  • London and Paris

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We are living nearly 75 years after World War Two. And yet this conflict still calls to us today. How and why this is so will be at the heart of our class' learning journey each day this winter.  As we use the historic core of London and Paris as our classroom, exploring a mosaic of secret gardens, hidden memorials, battered stone walls and hushed courtyards. To know what it felt like when a generation of young soldiers marched to war. And what it was like for their families at home, when so many veterans came back unable to live lives that struck anyone as "normal." Our course will fan out each day through the narrow alleys and lost spaces of two cities where war held vast dominion from 1939-1945. Some days, our work will feel familiar to history majors, because we'll teach about the causes of war at the British Library or in the shadows of the Louvre. Other days, you'll be asked to think like students of Psychology or students of Literature. We will walk the hallowed ground where the Nazi Blitz crashed into central London. And then explore the sacred spaces of the French Resistance. And finally meet face to face the horrors of the Holocaust in the old Jewish neighborhoods where the horrible roundups happened.

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