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Hist: We Were Very Young: World War One

London/Paris with Dr. Doug Mackaman

  • London, Paris

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Have you wondered what it's like to walk the hallowed ground of war? And see with your own eyes the landscapes that were shaped by some of the greatest moments of conflict the world has ever known? In this course we will trace the epic history of the First World War, from the staging and training grounds of London to the killing fields of northern France. Along the way we will meet the soldiers authors, artists, doctors and nurses who gave their hearts, souls and bodies to what everyone after 1914-1918 will forever call "The Great War." Our field of vision will be historical, and yet we will also ask almost every day how we can still hear the guns of World War One in our own times. How are the things that those societies fought and died for still burning issues for us today? And how was the cataclysm of that era so key to the astonishing horrors that came next with World War Two and the Holocaust.

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