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Psych: Madness 2- Terror and the State

Berlin/Prague with Dr. Rik Seefeldt

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The discipline of Psychology has not always walked a noble path through modern life. This sometimes hard history is nowhere more apparent than in the streets of Berlin and Prague, where our class will find a home for two unforgettable weeks. As we use museums, old clinics, prisons, memorials and even a concentration camp as our "classrooms," we will explore together the rise of Psychology as a major discipline of medical science in 20th century Berlin and Prague. Along the way we will assess how professionals in the field joined the Nazi movement and helped to advance its mass-murder agenda. As we will see, too, how the Cold War-era work by Psychologists gave an equally brutal set of prison and surveillance protocols during the Communist era. The cast of characters we will meet--from great Psychologists to an infamous serial killer who preyed on married women in the night--will bring our course's cities and material alive in ways that students will never forget.

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