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Psych: Sexuality, Gender and the Self

Berlin and Prague with Dr. Darren Bernal

  • London and Paris

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Along with race and social justice movements, sex and gender are probably the most debated aspects of social life in our world today. It's about time. In our course, you'll see how today's focus on gender fluidity and sexual diversity is in fact not new at all. Rather as we walk together through the cobblestone alleys of London's Soho and Paris' Rue St. Michel, we'll explore how today's focus on sex and gender is in fact so old that it's new again. Prepare to meet heroes and brutes alike, as we explore the history of shifting ideas on sexuality and gender from the Victorians to today. Sex work, human trafficking, and the confluences of prudery and desire: these are just some of our class' avenues of exploration, from the London of Sigmund Freud to the Paris of Nazis brothels and beyond.

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