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" My Catalyst Investment Was the Best Money I Spent in College."

Melissa Toland, UWRF Alum

Summer Study Abroad Europe: using loans and scholarships to fund The Catalyst
Loans help students do summer study abroad Europe

You can't afford to miss The Catalyst. Our intensive and high-impact learning is unlike anything you've ever done. Joining The Catalyst community is always special. Your classes will meet most days from about 9:30 until 2:00. We routinely cover 4-6 miles on foot each session. Because we use our locations to make our subject matter come alive. To make our access to our locations easy, we alway stay right in the heart of our program cities. Your museum and other entry fees are covered for your class sessions.

The cost of our programs is manageable on almost any student budget, because students can almost always find financial aid to help fund their experience.


The Catalyst costs: $7599 and Includes:

$300 program deposit

6 hours of university credit

Housing in center city hostels

Daily breakfast

All required museum visits

24/7 Catalyst staff support

Travel between London and Paris

Travel between Berlin and Prague

Students will spend additional funds on the following:

International flight: $1100

Acceleration Break: $550

Extra meals: $450

Insurance: $100

Passport: $120


Scholarships help students to do summer study abroad Europe
january study abroad europe gets students on trains
Journey Details/Budget: About Us

How I Funded The Catalyst

Confident Woman



There were so many scholarships to apply for.  I got three total, and they helped me a ton to get on The Catalyst.



For me loans were the only answer. I got Pell money plus an extra loan that made the trip posible



Summer Job: $1900 

Fall job: $700

Go Fund Me: $460

Parents: $1300

Church: $600

Catalyst Dates

20 September 2022: Applications Open
1 April 2023: Applications Close 
21 May 2022: Catalyst Fly Out to London
22 May-29 May 2023: Catalyst London Week
29 May-5 June 2023: Catalyst Paris Week
5 June-12 June 2023: Catalyst Acceleration
12 June-19 June 2023: Catalyst Berlin Week
19 June-26 June 2023 Catalyst Prague Week
26 June 2023: Catalyst Fly Out from Prague

Group of Travelers
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