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2023 Acceleration Trip Idea: The French Riviera, Venice, Italy and Munich for $400

Sometimes less is more when it comes to travel. And sometimes more is more. If you're someone who moves at a fast pace and loves staying busy, then read on to see if just maybe you want a three-city flurry of discovery and fun for your Acceleration! To include the beaches of the famed French Riviera, the iconic canals of Venice and the alpine-area splendor of Munich's rich history and celebrated beer halls.

Getting to Nice from Paris: Take the Train

The Mediterranean city of Nice is one of the great glories of the civilized world. The biggest yachts in the world float in Nice's harbor, and the most monied tourists in the world come here to swim in the warm water, eat the glorious seafood that abounds and shop in the toniest stores on the planet. College students from around the globe flock here in the summer to study French. It's a super fun destination and easy to get to from Paris by train.

There are tons of daily trains to Nice, so choose one that can work best for you and your group. But here's one idea: why not leave Paris on Sunday evening and sleep in the train that night, and get to Nice on Monday morning in time to hit the beach? Your housing costs for Sunday night will be zero if you do this!). Here's a train that costs just over $43 that gets you this itinerary:

Staying in Nice: The Hostel Option or Air BnB?

Nice is full of clean, safe and well located hostels. For a 2 night stay, a hostel like this one with its high rating (8.2 out of 10) totals about $41/per person each night.

But there are also plenty of Air BnB's to be found in Nice. In an Air BnB you'll get more privacy, a kitchen and private bathrooms. For some students it can feel worth it to pay a little more and get these extra comforts. Here's an example of an Air BnB that costs about $450 total for 2 nights, or about $112 total for each person in a group of four.

Getting from Nice to Venice

If Nice is famous for its glorious beaches and nightlife, Venice is beloved for its canals and amazing history as an iconic world-heritage city. No destination on earth is more beloved than Venice, so you should go. Getting to Venice from Nice by train is your best way to travel. And why not continue the experience of taking a night train and saving money on housing? In this case you'll leave Nice on Wednesday evening and roll into Venice on Thursday morning for $43

Staying in Venice: Hostel and Air BnB Options

There are plenty of hostels in Venice, but many of them are not in the historic core. Here is one that is that prices out at $71/person total for 2 nights based on a travel group of 4 people:

Meanwhile, here's an Air BnB in the center of Venice for $390 that can accommodate a group of 4. The cost here is just about $100 per person for the two nights.

Munich by Train

You'll ride by day this time and enjoy the Alps as you scoot north to Germany, arriving in legendary Munich just in time to head to the drop your gear and head out for some amazing Bavarian fun on a Saturday night!

A Munich Hostel

Air BnBs are too pricey in Munich. But clean and well located hostels are everywhere. Here's one with a 9/10 rating that will cost each member of a travel party of 4 about $100 total for a 2 night stay:

The last leg: Munich to Berlin

The last part of this adventure will be your train trip from Munich to Berlin. It's about $20 on this itinerary:

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