Art: Power and Beauty

European Visual Culture from the Renaissance to Expressionism

  • London and Paris

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Preferred majors for this course: Art, Art History, History, Mass Communications, English, Marketing Power and Beauty explores how artists and aesthetics have worked for centuries to raise up and topple political regimes and economic orders. You’ll have only two weeks in our amazing classroom cities, but our goals will be ambitious: You’ll see some of the greatest architecture in the world every day, as we explore public gardens and incomparable cathedrals and monuments first in London and then Paris. While you stand face to face with the most consequential paintings and sculptures in the cannon of European art. As you interrogate, too, the scope of the world that Europe conquered, looted and then lost. From great museums to lesser collections and buzzy galleries, the beauty that is London and Paris will be your classroom each day. You’ll also spend time exploring the place of public and outsider art in London and Paris. From Banksy’s latest in a Shoreditch alley to the vibrant taggers who come out in Paris every night to spray the gray away, you’ll find and explore how street art has become its own major force in the urban beauty of today. Whether you’re an art majors or just a student who knows that an appreciation for art belongs in their cultural toolkit, this course will gently but forever expand how you see and value beauty in your life and world. Professor Kaylee Spencer created this course and leads it each summer, together with Eoin Breadon and other colleagues.

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