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English/Art The Workshop

A Practicum in Visual Art and Creative Writing

  • Berlin and Prague

Course Details

Preferred majors: Art, Poetry, Creative Writing, English For centuries, artists and writers have lingered in cafes and salons to argue, share work and get better at their craft. Carrying their tools and notebooks into gardens and down graffiti-covered alleys in great cities of culture, they've chased a creative vision together, forming a community of genius that's always been the bedrock of great writing and art. Picasso set up his studio close to Matisse. Zola knocked on Manet's door at all hours. Hemingway and Joyce workshopped each other's newest writing. And Baldwin used cafes and a rich troop of creatives to bring his first major writings to fruition in Paris. It's your turn to do the same. Taught by a high-powered team of Art and Poetry professors, our course will build this community for a select group of writers, painters, photographers, poets, sculptors and glass blowers. As we chase genius together, through the galleries, cafes, gardens, museums and storied monuments of Berlin and Prague. And work as a creative cohort to hone vision and voice with two transformational and dynamic world cities as our muse. 3 credit hours in either English or Art. This course is team taught. (All Catalyst courses meet for 54 hours of contact, so if your university runs its courses on a 4 hour format instead of a three hour one this course may be able to count for 4 hours. You should consult with your advisor.)

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416 Laurel Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

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