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Class Meets 9:30-2:00: T,W,R,F,S

International Business: Purpose Factory

Leadership in Multilateral Institutions in the UK and EU Today

  • London, Paris

Course Details

Preferred Majors for this Course: General Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Finance, E-sports, Heath Care Administration, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy This course is built to provide students with a deep understanding of current leadership models related to how global businesses and multilateral business teams are managed in the UK and EU today. Have you ever seen an old film that shows the business or health care worlds in action from back in the day? If so, you probably saw white men in suits (or in white coats), usually with cigarette smoke cutting through jocular banter about the power of a clever deal or a radical surgical procedure, as supporting cast members stand in awe of the greatness you are all seeing. The leadership world you'll join when you leave college is not that one now. Like elite health-care organizations, top corporations like Google, Deloitte, Adobe or 3M are clear about what they expect from the next generation of professionals. The skills they most often name are creativity, compassion, empathy, inclusivity and resilience. And at the heart of what top organizations want from emerging leaders is something at once amorphous and vital: a sense of purpose. In The Purpose Factory, you will get daily opportunities to question who you are and what you can contribute to the world, regardless of the kind of industry you plan to join after college. In our class, prepare to enter the powerful terrain of "soft-skill" management, using corporate, legal, medical, historical and artistic examples across the dynamic leadership environments of London and Paris. From Lloyds of London to the King's Royal Courts of Justice to wellness centers and beyond, you'll study examples everyday of how and why leading with heart, inclusivity and humanity are trademarks today of visionary leaders in Europe. And as our moving classroom fans out across our two amazing cities, you'll gain valuable practice using the intercultural skills that are hallmarks of soft-skill leadership, as we choose teaching sites that will boost your global competence and prepare you to be a modern leader who can take a job posting and thrive anywhere in the world. (All Catalyst courses meet for 54 hours of contact, so if your university runs its courses on a 4 hour format instead of a three hour one this course may be able to count for 4 hours. You should consult with your advisor.)

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416 Laurel Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

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