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Psychology: Headspace

Mindfulness, Health Care and Mental Wellness Counseling in Europe Today

  • Berlin and Prague

Course Details

Preferred majors for this course: Psychology, Health Science Administration, Pre Med, Nursing, Nutrition, Sports Management, Business, Sociology Today our mental stresses can seem to be immeasurable. From college students to high-powered business professionals, anxiety, depressions and other forms of mental illness have laid waste to untold lives. This course looks beyond the domain of psychotropic medicine to explore what European psychologists and their medical systems are doing every day to explore the power of mindfulness and positive psychology to improve mental wellness. As we use the clinics, green spaces, museums and hospitals of Berlin and Prague to bring to life what mindfulness means to the practice of psychology in Europe today, our course will explore how Yoga, meditation, music and art are being used as highly-effective tools for dealing with mental-wellness challenges. Our course will discuss what the clinical and counseling pathways are like for professionals abroad and in the US. 3 or 4 credit hours. (All Catalyst courses meet for 54 hours of contact, so if your university runs its courses on a 4 hour format instead of a three hour one this course may be able to count for 4 hours. You should consult with your advisor.)

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416 Laurel Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

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