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Google Flights: Deals for Minneapolis, Monroe, LA, Asheville, DC and Nashville

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We Recommend Google Flights to Hone in on a Flight Deal

There are tons of great sites and Apps to help you book plane tickets for The Catalyst. This is a major purchase and worth opening up your laptop to visualize and plan well. And for our money, there's no App that's better overall than Google Flights. So open up your computer and search for Google Flights. Then begin playing with the search categories to see what you can find.

One Way, Round Trip or Multi-City?

Everybody has heard of one way and round-trip tickets. They are standard for most kind of vacations. Most people book round-trip tickets, because they let you leave from a place and then fly back home to that place. For The Catalyst, however, there's a third kind of plane ticket that actually dominates all the others among our travelers. It's called a multi-city ticket and it is very cool. Why? Because it lets our travelers leave from home and fly to London. And then on the same ticket they can fly back to home, but out of Prague. See why people love this option, given that we start our program in London and end in Prague?

Flight Deals out of Minneapolis for Wisconsin Catalyst Students

Lots of our Wisconsin and Minnesota students like flying abroad out of MSP. It's easy and close. So to start searching on Google flights, go ahead and set MSP as your departure airport and select the multi-city search option. Plus London in as your destination and set the fly out date to Sunday 22 May. (Remember you will fly through the night to get to Europe, meaning you'll leave on Sunday and arrive on Monday. Cool, eh?) Then select Prague as your other flight's departure airport with Monday 27 June as your fly-out date. (This time you'll be flying through the day and get to the US the same day you left. Still cool!) As of noon on 22 March, the best multi-city flights from MSP were priced as below. There's a United Flight for $996 with one stop, and a Delta nonstop for $1052. Most Catalyst alumni would tell you: by all means take the Delta non stop for only $60 more. As much as we love saving money, the direct flight for that cash is absolutely your friend!

NOTE: If you're able to get a ride or bus to Chicago, you could save as much as $400.

Setting a Price Alert To Know When Flight Prices Change

The $1052 Delta flight we may have fallen in love with at noon was $200 more just three hours later. With prices being so volatile, the best way to know for sure that the value you are getting is really good is to toggle the "track prices" button as shown below for the dates you want for travel. Then you'll get emails advising you on price changes and you'll soon know what a really good deal price looks like. NOTE: many experts will say that booking your plane ticket on Tuesday or Sunday will tend to get you the best price.

How about Ticket Deals for Students from Louisiana and Tennessee?

Our Google flight search brought decent results on a multi-city ticket out of Monroe, LA, coming in at $1067. NOTE: If you're willing to drive to Jackson, MS to start your journey, the price on your ticket drops by $200. For Nashville folks, our deal today looks pretty sweet at $846.

What about DC/Baltimore Students? How About $840!

And Asheville: $916

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