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So What About Flights for Week One of April?

Our travel guru has taken student advice seriously about the website Student Universe. There are great flight deals there now. We still recommend using SU in conjunction with either Google Flights or Expedia. But before we quibble any more, what are the best deals available now from our key hub cities in the US to London and then home from Prague? Bearing in mind that we have no crystal ball and only offer these ideas for your review.

Comparing Google Flights to Student Universe out of Minneapolis

The two search systems both give solid pricing for our dates. Student Universe wins on price with some longer and less convenient itineraries at $838 than what we are finding below on Google flights. at $1021. While we know student budgets are always tight, our recommendation if the price difference is $180 total is simple: take the Delta flight that's direct to start your journey. The convenience and knowledge that you have no connections to make on your first leg of the trip is worth it.

Flights out of Nashville

Here again prices are in the "buy" mode right now on Student Universe:

What about Monroe/Memphis/Jackson? Prices looks fabulous from either Jackson or Monroe at $745-$818

Baltimore/DC also looks golden with flights as low as $611

Finally Asheville: More good news at $897

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